Okay guys, so post the strangest dream you've ever had. I've just woke up from the strangest dream I've ever experienced, I'm still quite confused about it. Anyway this is what happens:

So first of all, my grandad is somehow in the army, and he gives me a lift with all his soldiers in an army van. I decide to climb onto the roof and across it to an army motorcycle, where my mum is. However, I fall off the motorcycle, and have to ride a bike (which just happens to be there) all the way home.
As I'm riding home, I meet these strange little creatures (that look a little bit like white versions of those little alien toys everyone used to have) that are called Apuks, and are living in a small enclosure.
When I get back to school, I find that JRR Tolkien, who looks like Bilbo Baggins, is my new English teacher and gives me an F for everything.
My sister gets a red dog and a 'paint hair brush' (A hairbrush you paint with) for her birthday.
The school joins with two other schools into a super school.
Me and one of the school's electricians make a chicken WoW character that kills everyone. ( I don't even play WoW).
My mum and my sister and I are on a big walk, have an argument and my mum makes me leave them. I have no idea where I am, but I meet the Apuks again and then I somehow magically know where to go.
And finally, someone changed my bed covers!

That is all I remember, pretty much in order. I also vaguely remember there was a murder and a really hot girl in their somewhere, but I can't remember where.

So Pit, do you think you can beat that? Post your strangest dream!

tl;dr? Crazy dude has strange dream. Crazy dude tells pit to post strange dreams.
Micheal Richards was killed by Zombies, i dont remember the rest
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Marilyn Manson came on my leg during Math class.

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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Marilyn Manson came on my leg during Math class.



My dreams are always about the most boring, inane, everyday shit. It sucks, and it's actually kinda confusing sometimes.
had one where i was in like a WWII bunker and it had a series of tunnels and rooms leading downward and i could sense some evil down there...like i knew the devil was trying to get out and there were zombies all over and i had to like snap their necks to get by them and then i found a room with like candy in it so i had a snack and proceeded on my journey.

i've had lots of dreams where i'll be running around my town at night and then it's like i start floating away from the earth, almost as if gravity quit working...that or the ones where i can't move like some force is holding me back. i dream lots of weird **** all the time
Well there are normally alot of Seagulls flying around my school, so ironically, for some reason, I dreamed that it was like the Blitz, but at my school, with seagulls.

Yes, they were pelting the whole playground with sh!t. It was horrible. The little year 7s seemed to be the main targets as they were just encased in sh!t.

Mind you, couldn't stop laughing about it when I woke up
My band played a gig on a scud missile and jumped off before it exploded, we where then caught by pink flyds pig and went on a world tour with Israel Kamakawiwoole as our ukele player!.
I always wondered what that meant... but im scared to find out
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I dreamt the world had all agreed to put an end to war.
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
I never remember my dreams anymore :/.

One I do remember is that, I walked around after eating at some fancy restaurant, and then touched a fence.
I should have never touched that fence. Because the sign said "if you touch the fence, zombies will haunt you". And zombies haunted me.

It's like 4 years ago. It's several years since I've had a dream I can remember xD
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Had one about a giant bean. It would move slowly and kinda absorb everything and leave this trail of what i'm guessing is tomato sauce? I've had it a few times and it always ends with me stuck inside it.
I'm the Doctor, yes that Doctor as in Galifrey and all that jazz.

What? You were talking about dreams....Oh sorry....
The dreams themselves aren't weird,just the way it happened:
My girlfriend and I were out for a meal,and long story short-she went off with the waiter.

The same night,my girlfriend has this dream:
Her and I were at a theme park,long story short-I went off with a random girl.

I found that pretty damn weird.
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I'm the Doctor, yes that Doctor as in Galifrey and all that jazz.

What? You were talking about dreams....Oh sorry....

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you have two shadows...
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Owww oww i did have a dream that i spent some "time" with a girl friend, hillary duff and a younger hillary duff
I dreamt I was in an empty water tower having sex with a giant female carrot.

I knew it was a female because it had a vagina.
I've had lots of very strange dreams but one I can remember most recently is that I ran for US President as a joke and my mate did too and I kept getting worried that I'd actually win. But in the end my friend won and we were all in my old primary school. And he started making lots of weird laws or something.

Another one I can remember is that I was at my Dad's house sitting on my bed playing guitar and this group of girls just walked in and sat down on my floor listening to Sweet Child O'Mine not even taking notice of me sitting there. I just remember thinking the whole time that I should play Sweet Child O' Mine along with the song.

Like I said I've had heaps but those are just two that I can remember pretty well.
I once dreamt that I was fighting a rapist with a 3 m wood hammer and then to punish him I pulled a lever to sound the fire alarm (wich was right above his head) but instead the alarm turned into a meat grinder and ****ed up his face pretty bad. That made me feel sad

i had a dream last night that i got with Prince William and like some Country Fair.....and then he joined me on my stall which was "guess the name of the teddy"


i dont even find him remotely attractive
Last night I dreamt I was in a video game, specifically it was a DS game that looked a bit like space invaders. You played it with a group of other people and there would be little symbols that fell down from the top of the screen, and to score you had to go over that symbol and press a button that corresponded to it. When you pressed it a sound would play that was musically harmonious with the other sounds playing so as you scored you were also making a weird sort of ethereal music.

It was pretty cool.
I had a dream where i wsa all grown up and had joined some war in some country. I proceeded to fight like a maniac with all the members in my class but they all died one by one. Then suddenly it shifted to me being a bmx biking champion and i did this huge ass jump past a flight of stairs and was going so fast i was on collision coursse with a brick wall. A split second before i hit it i woke up. Those dreams that i suddenly wake up a split second before a crash of some sort are very common to me and feel so real
My strangest dream would have to be when I woke up at 2:00 PM and found out that my family all turned into giant coffee mugs (don't ask me why coffee mugs, because I don't know). And I had to fight them off with a screwdriver, while "Straight Through The Heart" by Dio was playing in the backround.
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I had a dream once that I lost the game. No lie.

Also on the bus ride back from Washington D.C., I had a dream where I was walking down a set of stairs and I missed the last step, but before I landed, I woke up.
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ok here it is:
i'm in the proccess of getting ready with a rly hot chick, and the she slowly morphes into one of my fat friends. i scream holy ****! and then run away to get chased by a monster who i give up trying to run away from (due to this wierd thing that happens to me in dreams that makes me unable to run properly and whenever i try it feels like running in waiste deep water). so i give up and say hi and will it to become friends with me. then i get teleported to the street outside my house and a sword appears in my hand and i have to go with my friends to kill these wierd orc (lord of the rings) guys that are attacking my friends house. then i wake up.
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I was on a raft made of chocolate bars floating down a river of strawberry syrup. On the hills beside the river there was ted nugent, except he looked like a demon and he had a pitchfork and he was dancing side to side while a million hyenas were chanting indigo children by Puscifer. Yeah that was my weirdest dream.


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