My uncle (Dave Raymond) is the singer if Damiera. I thought their first cd or ep Damiera was ok. M(US)IC was a step up after that. But all the songs sounded the same. Via Invested is a classic though. Quiet Mouth, Loud Hands is amazing, we got a hold of it early. Rainman is like this 45 second opening sound for the cd then it goes to Quiet Mouth, Loud Hands.... EASILY the best song on his cd. Teacher Preacher is another good one. Kinda Maroon 5 sounding and I HATE them but my he pulls it off well.

Im not a fan of indie or what ever he does. He sure does it really well though.

So i am wondering if there are any other Damiera fans out there and what do you think of them?
its not bad if they all sound the same if all the songs are awesome.
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Damiera is unbelievable. Dave is such an awesome guy you're a lucky nephew. All of their work is sweet but I love the EP forever.