Hello all!

First of all, great forum!

I am after some help, I have the new Slash epi, and at the moment a little vox valvetronix 30w amp which i want to replace. Now, im not in a band, just enjoy playing at home, but i want to replicate as much as possible Slash's sound from the appitite era. Now i know that the amp he used was the fabled #39 (or#38 cant remember!) which was a special by caswell and all that, so ive done my research!, but i wanna go valve, but not sure what to get. Price is a big issue so it will be 2nd hand, but do i go jcm 800,900, 2000 or what? is it right you can only really get the correct sounf from these amps when they are cranked up full bore? i know i can use a power gate.

Basically, what would be the best head to go for for that deep blusey tone, along with beautiful crunch?

any ideas more than welcomed, thanks again.

Fargen Mini plex maybe? The tone would be JCM 800 but you do need to crank them.. which at home isn't gunna happen.
A Cornell Plexi should do it for you. They do a mini 6 watt version which is around £650 on eBay right now. This may seem excessive, but the cost of a big Marshall with an attenuator is going to be around the same. On top of that, you are getting a boutique point to point amp with great build quality and tone to die for. You could also check out a Laney L-5T or VC-15.
what about the peavey valvekings? any good?

also is 6 watt enough for the cornell?
6 watts is plenty loud especially if yo aren't gigging. It can always be miked up for live gigs.

If you want the best possible tone then go for the Cornell.
what is your budget and do ever plan to gig in the future?
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I suggest a traynor ycv50 blue. It does great a great marshall sound and will work perfectly for what you want.
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dunno what they be like for gnr but the guitarist who isnt joe perry in aerosmith use's badcats which are in the same league as cornells and there is a 5 watt on ebay