I have ordered a guitar from my local guitar store and it will be coming in to their store soon and I plan on getting a pickup for it. The one they have the guy at the store said it was great, but I did some research and I saw VERY mixed reviews on the pickup. It was a Dean Markley.

I am basically looking for a pickup that is at most $150, but will give me superb tone quality when plugged in for both live and recording. Can anyone help a fellow guitar player out here please?
I'm personally a fan of L.R. Baggs. On one of my guitars I have the "Dual Source" installed, which gives me the flexibility of choosing between an internal mic and a ribbon transducer. This will cost a bit more than $200, but the tone is superb, especially from the mic.

On another guitar, I just have the ribbon transducer installed, so that I could use an external preamp like the Gigpro. This will allow me to get away with installing only passive pickups for future guitars and just use one preamp for all of them. (Hey, I can only play one at a time, right?)
electronics for acoustic thread has many reviews of multiple pickup systems i would recommend looking there. but k&k sounds under bridge transducer for me and like tokyo neo i use a passive pickup and a clip on preamp.