Im looking for a way of replicating the guitar tone of bands such as Paramore, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Fall Out Boy.

Any ideas on good effects or amps i could use?

I have a digitech RP80 fx pedal at the moment so any patches for that would be terrific.


Green Day used a JCM800 on Dookie and Insomniac. I'm not sure what they use now. Stuff from the 90s tended towards older Marshalls. Alot of bands these days are going towards Mesa, and sometimes Orange. Dual Rectifiers, and occasionally Stilettos, depending on whether they're going for something American voiced or British voiced. I've also seen pop punk bands playing JCM2000s. Blink used a 900 and a Mesa Mark III. I've never been able to find out what Paramore uses. Fall Out Boy's lead guitarist plays through a Bogner Uberschall and I think Patrick Stump plays through a JCM2000. Yellowcard, All Time Low, and New Found Glory always have Dual Recs in their videos, but I've heard that they also use Stilettos. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus also uses Dual Recs according to Mesa's artists page.

For post-hardcore, oldschool stuff (Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu) used JCM800s almost exclusively. Ian MacKaye used both an 800 and a 900 in Fugazi. The newer stuff I tend to see using JCM2000s and sometimes Oranges, but less Mesas. For some reason Mesas are bigger with pop punk bands, but the more post-hardcoreish you get, the less they use Mesas. That's not to say a Mesa won't get you good tone for it, they're just less popular with those particular bands.

It all depends on what you want to spend. On a budget, a Roland Cube 30 or 60 will get you decent tones and for what it is, it's quite versatile. The next step up would be a good tube combo, maybe a Marshall clone. Look at Traynors, I hear they're pretty good and might be perfect for what you want. B-52 also makes an amp (not sure which model) that I've heard referred to as 'the poor man's Mesa'. If you're willing to spend some cash, a used JCM800 or a Dual Rectifier would be ideal. If I were you I'd go for the Rectifier. The Solo Heads are great, but the Roadsters are even nicer. If you're playing less power chords and more leads, I would definitely go more towards something Marshally though.

Edit: If you're looking at 800s, I would go for a 2-channel one, made anytime after 1987. The single channel 800s will work great, but with pop-punk, the extra clean channel is nice and easier to use than fiddling with the volume knob to get cleans. Fred from TBS can pull it off, but I've never been able to do it like he can. The pre 1987 ones had some channel bleeding issues, so ones made after then are great.

Or look at Marshall MGs. They have crushing overdrive.
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A ProCo Rat2 would be good for punk.
Edit: What kind of amp do you have?
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I'd say a Dual Rec would be perfect, but if you can't afford that, try a B-52 amp. That should nail the sound you're looking for.

Also, slightly related, my lead guitarist is looking for a new amp, and our band plays that exact type of music, and his name is Ryan so for a minute I thought he was posting on here to ask for amp advice, but then I checked your profile and it's obviously not him. Just thought I'd share. Also, for what it's worth, he's buying a Valveking head to go on top of his Marshall 1960a cabinet. It'll be pretty good for those styles, but not really amazing.
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