I'm looking to buy an equalizer pedal, so I can get more tones out of my amp and my Jazz bass. Yea I know Behringer sucks, but there's nothing wrong with mine except for the lack of versatility. I was looking at this pedal. The Boss GEB-7 What are you guys' opinions of this pedal? The amp I'm using is this
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Behringer 180 Watt Combo<--My EQ pedal made this sound decent O_o until I get my Gallien-Krueger half stack
The last stage of EQ will generall have the greatest affect on the tone.

So, if you put the EQ pedal before the preamp, the preamp will affect the tone most (unless you set it to +/- 0 on everything). If you have it after the preamp (ie, in a post preamp effects loop), then the EQ pedal will have the greatest affect.

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