When I playback/monitor in Cubase LE 4, sometimes I will get this weird clicking sound throughout the recording. It's weird though, as it only happens sometimes. Other times, my recordings are clear. Could this be because of bad settings with bit rate and all that stuff? If so, could you guys recommend me some different settings I can try, that may get rid of this clicking sound? It would be great if anyone could help...


EDIT: I'm not sure if it's from Cubase because I get this clicking noise when I get an IM, or error message, or play a song from iTunes. The sound just gets a little...well, overdriven. Please help me!

(Using a PreSonus FireStudio project to record/output out of)
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Thats the sound of a single person clapping at your work very slowly.

Yeah I'm sure it is.
Is it quite a scratchy clicking? Because if it is I get it too, usually after my computer has been on for a while, I've got a feeling it's either something to do with system resources or ASIO drivers, try restarting your computer and stopping any background tasks you dont need running
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is it a metronome?

i know how to turn that off, as do many people...
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Yeah, a MacBook

Aahh, Well my Laptop had the same problem with Cubase, iTunes and Msn, does the song on iTunes go all jumpy as well.
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Aahh, Well my Laptop had the same problem with Cubase, iTunes and Msn, does the song on iTunes go all jumpy as well.

Actually, now it's just on Cubase. I get no output at all. I get clear quality from iTunes and all other sounds on my computer.
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this wouldn't have happened if you bought the cd


I did buy the CD! It wouldn't work on my computer so I put it on a different computer and transferred it to mine via "Connect to Server".
You got any demo versions of VSTi's running or anything? Some demo vst's are programmed to make random noises n ****, so they can only be used as a demo... might be it. ^_^