I play alot of classic rock (Queen, Motley Crue, Skynyrd, GnR (not classic I know), Pink Floyd, AC/DC etc). What would be the perfect amp for me? I currently have a MG50, and would like to go valve. I have a Epi Les Paul standard. I have been looking at a Marshall Vintage Modern, or a JCM800 combo.

What would you guys suggest?
vox ac30 mabee?
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The jcm destroys the VM, but most lack a true clean channel. The traynor ycv50 blue has the marshall sound locked down and has amazing cleans. Independent eqs are very nice too.
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The JCM combo is all valve isn't it? I mean the prices I've seen it go for make it seem like a transistor or something.
Budget, around £400-£500, but I could wait longer and raise it a little bit. I live in the UK and I maybe gigging soon.
Then I would say something like (USED) Peavey Classic 30, Traynor YC40, maybe a JCM 800 (or a JCM series anyway, tends to be higher the model number the more gain - watch out though not necessarily better!), Line 6 Flextone, save a little more and look into Vox territory (may need to add pedal to that though) and by that I mean AC30, Sound City amps, or one I played very recently a Blackstar Artisan. I don't know used values on these as they are fairly recent line of amps. Bloody nice though.

Also seeing as you are in the UK, don't forget the wonderful Laney's!!! For what you have described I think the Laney VC30 PERFECTLY fits your bill!!! I have a TT50 which leans slightly toward more metasl teritory but still VERY good all round amp. Hard to find though (very lucky with mine). I think the VC30 out of all mentioned is for you.
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Update, JCM800 combo. £210. Verdict anyone?

Buy it! It's a steal.
new or used?
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Marshall JCM 800 (EL34, right?)


Laney VC30 (EL84).

Them three should be good IF you're gigging.
If not, maybe the Laney VC15 for home use.

EDIT: £210 for JCM800? I'm jealous.
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Jump on that JCM800 like it's a pot of gold.
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