I've wanted to listen to some Jazz for a while now, and never got around to doing it. I have 2-4 songs by Miles Davis, 2 songs by George Benson and 1 song by Duke Ellington that I really really liked. Please suggest me some good Jazz to introduce me to the genre.
If you like blues, check out Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus. Monk's Dream and Brilliant Corners are good starters for Monk, and Mysterious Blues is a good starter for Mingus.
^Those are too smooth for my tastes.

I recommend you start with Davis' first quintet. Pick up the classic prestige-era recordings: Relaxin', Workin, Steamin' and Cookin'.
I agree with Nick. Smooth Jazz will skew your perception of Jazz. It's best to either start out with bop or traditional or swing.
I'd say the best album to start out with would be Coltrane - My Favorite Things. Joe Pass is where I started, haven't stopped listening to jazz since
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A Love Supreme-John Coltrane
That was my first and ever since I've loved jazz.

One of my favorite albums.