Heyah Guys…

Just want to get these sounds
I’ve got the RP-250 btw

Eric Clapton’s

She’s Waiting
Bad Love (3.23)
Forever Man (1.13)

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

Comfortably Numb
Hey You
Trial (Guitar from 3.25)
Time (Solo)
Money (Solo)
Castelorization (Solo)

Jimmy Paige (Led Zeppelin)

Stairway To Heaven (Solo)
Whole Lotta Love

Slash (Guns N’ Roses)

Don’t Cry (Solo and those harmonic screams)
Sweet Child O’ Mine

Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple)

Smoke On The Water (Solo)
Knockin At Your Backdoor

Tommy Iomy (Black Sabbath)

Fairies Wear Boots


Master Of Puppets (Solo 3.50 that Sharp sound (James’ Guitar))

And any heavy metal distortion

Hehe umm also I know it’s hard to get he exact sound so I need something very close….

Yah I doubt with an RP-250 you can get many of those sounds. The Iommo and Page ones should be fairly easy to get though.
that is quite a list. i would struggle to try to explain it even for one or two of those songs.

how long have you had it? i've had mine for 2 years now and STILL work on the tweaking cause there is SOOO much to tweak.

you have X-Edit downloaded right? that is your first step.

maybe PM me or something i would be happy to try to help but it could take weeks of back and forth and not something i could crank out in a 10 minute post writing.

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all of those tones come from a marshall amp.

except david gilmour and eric clapton, in your case id get a marshall type amp and mess around with settings, david uses a big muff for his lead sound so i would get one of those then run it through a marshall and it will sound the same and clapton uses fender amps which marshalls where bassed on so you should be able to get all of those tones with one decent amp and a big muff( i would also get a tube screamer for the higher gain stuff)

I would recomend any orange or marshall tube amp, an engl type amp or traynor for your style. it will be better in the long run than a crappy effects box that will not get you the exact tones your after.
wow ...umm....well....

seriously i wish i could help more but it is 2am and there is no way i'm firing up my gear to double check but maybe tomorrow. sounds like you are desperate because you have a gig coming up or something is that it?

I would try the Greaser setting maybe which is mostly delay and then turn on the wah pedal so you can rock the tone a bit to 'dial' it in but to be honest just about every bit of that tone (and yes i did just take the time to listen) is from his amp with no effects (that i am aware of) so getting that sound off RP250 might be tough.

try that out and maybe i can help more tomorrow or something.

good luck and good night
we are talkin the song Master of Puppets right?

the only reason i brought up delay is help with sustain. again, i doubt James is using any effects in that solo part - that is prolly just him and his amp. And yes, also why i suggested the wah to pitch shift that tone sharp slightly.

leaving for appt. so i would not actaully be able to try any of this or help further until tonight.

Plexi setting might help too.