I have an AShton GA80 amplifier, a fender mim strat, and an epi sg special. Should i save up for a gibson sg standard, or get a new (better) amp
you should probly save up for the amp first
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Get a better amp!
"Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel."- Jimi Hendrix
Quote by The 10 Commandments of Electric Guitar

1: Though shalt not play an expensive guitar through a cheap amp.

Your amp is more important than your guitar. 80%-95% of your tone is in your amp (an entirely scientifically-sound percentage, that I just made up. You know what I mean, though). Spend accordingly: under £400, split your budget between guitar and amp about evenly as some cheap guitars play VERY poorly, and you need to normally spend at least about £150 to get something playable, ditto for the amp; up to about £1500-£2000, a 2:1 ratio on amp to guitar is about right- over this, split it about evenly, or however you want (but make sure you?re spending at least about £1000 on the amp). Increasing the cost of your guitar will make it FEEL better to play, but it?ll only SOUND slightly better.

2: Thou shalt read #1 again. It?s that important.