Well, currently I play a Squire Bullet, which is basically a very cheap version of a Strat. I've been playing with a band for a while now and with gigs and recording I need a guitar with a warmer, cleaner, and slightly less piercing tone.

I was looking at the Fender Jaguar HH and the Epiphone Dot but I haven't really gone out and tried many guitars yet.

Something I thought of doing was to buy a cheap guitar and replacing the pickups and bridge.

For example: Ibanez GAX30 + Gibson '57 Classic + (another pickup) + new bridge

Can anyone tell me if this a bad idea and/or a waste of money and effort or any suggestions for a new guitar?
yeah its a bad idea, the money you spend on bridge and pickups you could put into a better stock guitar

on another note, where are you located, what sort of fretboard does your squier have?
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GAX30 would be a waste of money. changing pickups just shapes the EQ of your guitar. it's a waste.

what amp are you using?
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Bad idea. Instead of spending money on new pickups, buy a gretsch electromatic semi acoustic. Theyre more expensive but way better than an epiphone dot. I think theyre about £600 ($1200)
My Squire has a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, I live in Miami and for the moment I have just been plugging directly into our bands PA system but I plan on getting tubed amp probably a Fender Hot Rod.

Thanks by the way for the input.