ok so summers coming and im ready to get stoned. im buying like 5 grams this week and most of the time i had weed it was during school so i could just keep it on me during that time and smoke it after but now i have to keep it around my house. my folks kinda care about me so they keep an eye on somethings so i really cant let them find this so where should i keep my stash ?
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P.S: You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome

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You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.

drug thread.
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Only drugs thread mate.

Just buy a little at a time to smoke when you need, and don't keep a stash. Or do some legal psychedelics or the like, they're cool. (Hawaiian Baby Blue seeds, Morning Glory, Salvia if it's available and you wanna)
the expansion bay in the old PS2s.

but bring it to the drug thread next time
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