So, I need to record some music for my band. Would this allow me to plug my guitar straight into it, then the UX2 into my computer and record? Or do I need to hook it up to a microphone?
yes, you can plug your guitar right into it, select the sound you like, and record!
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by custom you mean...???

Gearbox comes with the toneports and Idid a review of it back at the beginning of the year. I was not impressed with the tones I got with it...cleans were good though.

The UX2 is nice if you can find it for less than $150 but if you are looking to spend $200 for an interface the Mackie Onyx Satellite firewire interface or the PreSonus units are better for the price IMO.

I just dont see the Toneports as anything great. They are limited with their 1.1 USB connection, the Preamps are not great and add hiss to the tracks, and as I said before, gearbox doesnt sound great.

You could use any interface and use another amp/FX modeling software such as Amplitube.

IS that a PreSonus you would recommend?

How do you exactly record though. I have Adobe Audition I want to use. Would I use one of the preset tones and it would just auto record with that tone?

Could I buy a cheap dynamic mic, hook it up to that, and record my amp like that? I myself don't really trust digital preset stuff.
yes the 1394 is another great PS product.
The preamp and such are controlled using software but it still seems to work well.

For the price I say it's well worth it.
just be sure you have a firewire port on your desktop.

you can always go to newegg.com and search firewire card to get one on there if you dont have one already.

just load your recording software be it Reaper or Audacity...anything, set the software so that the interface is the input source.

Any Dynamic mic should work with that interface however you will loose quality with lower priced mics...
for $100 you can get the MXL 990/991 set at musicians friend which is a great mic set.
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