I own a small Marshall MS-2, which is a small, practice amp - "micro" amp. Now I don't give it many use since I got my Vox amp, but from time to time I play on it. I really like the crunchy, overdriven tone you can get from it. I imagine it has a circuit for the distortion, so I was wondering if I could take this amp and convert it into a distortion pedal. Has anyone ever tried to do this? How can this be done?
you would have to take the amp apart and remove the electornics. Change the speaker output to a jack (although i think theres about more to it than that) and mount it into a new box. you can mount the control for the amp on the top, unless they are mounted on a PCB, in which case you will need to unsolder them and put the pots on leads.

hope that helps abit, let me know how you get on.

also google stompboxes, theres loads of sites about that sort of thing
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i have the same question, i does give a nice crunchy tone doesnt it, can it be done and does anyone know exactly how?
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