I have a Rickenbacker 4003 that I wish to sell, and I thought about trying eBay.

However, I was curious about how bassists such as yourself would go about buying on eBay.

- What things would be most important for you when looking at a bass for sale on the internet?
- Would you rather the instrument came with its own strings, or would you rather re-string it yourself?
If you would rather re-string it yourself, would you prefer that the instrument came without any strings already attached and the fretboard given a clean?

And would the instrument be okay being delivered in its original Rickenbacker hard case, or would you pack it or wrap it up some more?

Any other advice you can offer?
i would rather it be strung with new rotosound swing 66's 45's to 105. i would want it in the case ans then the case put into a cardboard box with packing foam on the inside. i would want the instrument put into a plastic shipping bag bag inside then case. i would want it completely spotlessly cleaned all over when it arrived and i would pay about $1700-$2000 CAD

hope that helps

edit: basically i'd want it to look like it just came from the factory
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I would want to see serial numbers, lots of pictures, pictures of any damage (whatever size) and a description of any damage in the post. Remember to include any official documents and service details, original reciepts etc. For a bass of this value, i'd sell it as if you would sell a car.

Strings wise, its best not to leave strings off a bass as the neck will have no pressure against it and will bend with the truss rod. If you want to replace the strings, feel free but be aware that not all people would like the strings.

Postage, for a bass of this cost, cash on collection will be the best way. This way, you get your money, they get their bass, no chance of it getting lost in the post.

If you do post it, get insurance with the courier upto the value of the bass or if you go with royal mail, special delivery and insurance, and make sure you require a signiture!

Packaging, how tough is the hard case? You might want a layer of bubble wrap then cardboard around it. If i was recieving this instrument, i'd rather there be a load of wrapping, taking me 10mins to get off than there to be a dent in the case. Bubble wrap around the bass on the inside wont hurt either, it'll hold the bass in place properly.

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Make the instrument as clean ass possible. I would include the string for the person to re-string it, only because of shipping. And if your going to set a reserve, dont set it insanely high.
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Make sure you give the neck and stuff a nice cleaning so when they get it you get some nice feedback =D
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How much are you selling it for as I can come pick it up?

Seriously though, I'll never even look at a bass on eBay unless there are detailed photographs of every part of the bass, comes with a hardcase that will be packaged up itself and has insured shipping
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I still fail to see why someone would want to do this.

Seriously, WHY?

What I'll contribute is that you need to clean up the bass, and take some NICE pictures. But you should have no problem selling the Rick.
As one who's sold basses on eBay, honesty is key. Give every description of it you can, beyond the whole 'OMG IT'S AMAZING AND NEEDS A NEW HOME.' Nobody stumbled upon your auction - someone searched for Rickenbacker 4003 and they know what they're looking for. They want to know details specific to the instrument. And before someone says something stupid like "what about if someone was just randomly clicking things/never saw a Ric before", the fact of the matter is that those types aren't going to spend over $1500 on the internet. They won't win the auction.

Dan Erlewine puts foam in the case, so the bass can't move. He puts plywood boards along the case, then puts the case in a guitar box. Then he puts a second batch of plywood along the box, and puts that in a bigger box. Both boxes insulating with foam such that when you shake the box, you can't hear a thing.

And strings are a must. People usually do restring, but personally I don't until later. I feel how the bass plays first, and sort out strings later. Detuning the strings is fine, but don't take them off, and most importantly, don't have photos of the bass without strings, and it'll come across as something that is owned by someone who doesn't know anything/doesn't play. Having no strings on doesn't eliminate neck tension. With no strings, the neck will still have tension - the tension of the truss rod trying to give it a bow. In short, keep strings on, and detune them when shipping.

You can put on a fresh new set before shipping, but make sure you mention that in the auction as a selling point. However, in my experience, if you're gonna get $1500 for a bass with new strings, you're gonna get $1500 for a bass with old strings, especially a quality axe. Personally, I'd just mention what strings are on the bass and sell it with the old ones on.
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why would you want to sell such a fantastic instrument I'd kill for one of those. And you only live half an hour down the road from me
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great. please do not link to ebay in this thread, or this particular auction, and if you want to discuss buying it do it via PMs. There is a forum for this kinda transaction... and it doesn't allow ebay.

friendly notice.
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Not that I intend on selling it, but would the BAII bridge on my Rickenbacker 4001 decrease it's value?
in a word - yes.

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Rics are one of those instruements where people wantit original. Quite frankly, the standard bridge is damn good, so a BadAss would not be much, if any, upgrade.
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