Poll: Do you like hickeys?
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I like getting them and giving them.
16 27%
I like getting them, but not giving them.
1 2%
I like giving them, but not getting them.
10 17%
I don't like them at all.
12 20%
I've never given/gotten a hickey.
21 35%
Voters: 60.
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i enjoy both ways. One on my arm actually... damn her
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i enjoy getting boners. they make me feel important.

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never had one , but i once saw a dude giving it to a girl and there was blood on her neck. wtf? it looks painful :d
never had one. maybe i like to carry my hair up and wear sleevless shirts??

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useless and annoying to cover up.
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dimebag put as much emotion in to 9/10 of his solos as hitler showed when putting jews in syanide showers.

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QUESTION! Does emo porn have blood everywhere from wrist wounds?

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no but seriously, HAHA U IS TEH EMOZORZ
Never shows up on me. Hooray for being brown!
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I love giving them and getting them haha but yeah their a bitch to cover.. really annoying.. but it's worth it! :d

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