I have a Roland Cube-30. The tone is great and I love the amp, but it's not big enough to gig with. There's a distortion on the cube called "R-fier" which I'm guessing is a rectofier, and that is the tone I want when I gig. My gig amp is a peavey classic 50 and I need that amp to sound like the "R-fier". Is there something out there that sounds exactly like that such as Pedals? if not, then is there an amp? My budget is a grand at the most.
Could you get the head for a Mesa Rectifier and use that as the amp and then run that through your Peavy for the speaker?

I don't know how much a Mesa head costs or if that would even work, but it seems like a decent enough idea.

Another idea is to go to your local music store and try out every distortion pedal they have. That will run you $100-200 rather than a grand.
how about a Mesa Boogie Rectifier. Some effects pedals have a simulation of the amp but it won't be as good as the real thing.

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you could try and find a peavy XX or XXX, but they might run you more than a grand.

the R-fier is based on the MESA triple-rectifier amp head, but that thing costs over 2000 usually.

pedal wise, just try out every boss distortion pedal you can get your hands on. Start with a DS-1 and/or an MT-2.
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Some effects pedals have a simulation of the amp but it won't be as good as the real thing.
PODs have good simulation and aren't out of his price range.

Edit: Is there a "headphone out" or "line out" on the cube? Send that to your Peavy but keep the volume on both amps very low until you at first.
POD's will suffice. Certainly for now. If you want to go into the studio with it, you might be better off getting a real Mesa Head, but otherwise, a floor POD or anything from POD range will do perfectly at duplicating any sound with style.