Okay, so i am building a guitar, and my first idea was to put a gotoh stop-tail bridge on it (string thru).

Are the wilkinson tremolos really good? I dont do dive bombs, but i do love a good vibrato/whammy effect here and there.


I would probably be getting that one. If i set it to floating, how would tuning hold up without using it? im not interested in a trem-setter or tremel-no or anything, although the trem-setter seems like it could be a worth investment as i would only be doing downward dives, not upward... its going to be a flat top guitar, and i have the ability to mount any bridge i want really. im not interested in a bigsby.

Would this be a good idea?

Or how about the wilkinson classic 6-point tremolo?


what are he benefits of each?
I've installed both and if I remember correctly, the 2-pivot's trem block isn't as beefy as the 6-screw bridge's full-size block, which is similar to the MIJ and MIA bridges and has the same string spacing. I do remember that the 2-pivot version was drop-in perfect for an Ash Washburn that I modded for a friend.

I like the 6-screw versions since the saddle screws allow you to really finetune the string heights.