It would be greatly appreciated if someone who has some cool sounding tabs for the Star Spangled Banner would post them. I've been trying to find some cool, soloish ones but have only come up with either classical guitar or crappy tabs.
Take one of the classical tabs and just move everything up around the 12-17 frets. Just change the octaves around and you can get the solo sound.
Hey, you calling Jimi Hendrix crappy? Just Find a tab... not that hard, and the ones on this site are fine, you can mess them up yourself if you want. I just play it all the same but with Pinch Harmonics, and it sounds awsome.
I'm not calling Jimi Hendrix crappy by any means, I'm just looking for something more extreme, like a Zakk Wylde Star Spangled Banner, I'm just to lazy to work out my own tabs.