Hey everyone,
Ive finished working on this song, and ive made the tone much much better than my previous recordings.

I put quite a bit of work into this song. I wanted a punchy, heavy, quick witted song and i really hope you like the outcome.

The song is called "SEVEN"
at www.myspace.com/jerodgee

I will go crit for crit obviously.

I hope you enjoy it.
I'm critting while listening here.....

I like the intro, It builds well. your guitar is REALLY muddy Needs some work to much treble just pericing. I like the bridge it sounds really good. reminds me of Mario bros. lol your drums sound very good, the cymbal crashes could be a bit lest shrill but thats just me.your a great guitar player from what I can hear here lol. But good job sounds great


its from about 2 minutes on where it really caught my attention, It got really melodic I love it so REALLY good job man. then at about 4 minutes it got back into that weird stop thing I don't really like it.


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Hey man, good job with this. The intro is really tense and it builds up to the first riff great. I'm not too sure about your tone, but that's just personal preference I guess. I think your drums sound pretty cool too (are they programmed?).

Nice riffs, I like the start-stop style of riffage, although I'm not sure about the lead guitar starting and stopping with the rhythm. I think it would have sounded better if it was left ringing, if you know what I mean. I love the riff at round 2:00, the odd sqeal here and there sound awesome.

Overall, good job, but I don't like the tone too much (but that's not really criticism, just an opinion).

If you could check out my piece that would be great. It's in the covers section, here's the link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=874199