So I got a $1000 check from my grandparents. I want to use some of it to buy a new amp, but I want to keep some of it for spending money in college. My budget is $500 AT MOST.

I have never played a gig in my life, but I intend to have lots of jam sessions in college.

I'm mostly into indie rock. I'm particularly a fan of the Silversun Pickups, but I'm also a huge Tool fan. So something that could do metal would be nice, but it's definitely not a necessity.

What I think would be nice is something all-tube that would be nice at low volumes when I'm just in my room but can also be cranked for a practice.

I tried a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT at Guitar Center and it was okay. But I think I can do a tiny bit better. One guitar player I saw used a Fender tube amp (not sure what kind) and I really liked her tone.

I play a Squier Telecaster.

Hope that's enough enough information.
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Used B-52 AT-112.

After reading the reviews for that, it looks like people are saying it doesn't sound that good at low volumes. Thanks for the advice though
take a look at crate tube amps, traynor tube amps, and maybe used amps too.

but DON'T do solid state amps. they just sound terrible
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At least try it out. Reviews are worth nothing because thousands of reviews rave about MGs and Spiders. Those are just n00bs that don't want to admit they made a bad choice. People buying more expensive and better amps will more openly say "flaws" about the amp. I bet that it sounds good at low volumes but really shines when turned higher, like all tube amps.

Try a used Classic 30 and an OD. Won't really get that heavy, but maybe Metallica level gain.
crate makes some decent tube amps for a pretty cheap, they have nice cleans and good distortion i think. like the guy said check out craigslist sometimes you can get really good deals on there.
^ Nah man, you don't want a SS amp in your price range, even if it's a modeler.

If you really want a Silversun Pickups tone, it sounds like you'd benefit from an amp with a nice clean channel, and then a use a fuzz for you distortion.

Listening to the Carnavas album, it sounds like they use a good variety of fuzz tones, so I'd recommend a Zvex Fuzz Factory, but a Vexter model so you don't have to pay too much for it.
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