Hey all, Im looking to buy a multi effects pedal but dont know what one to buy.
Im using a MG30DFX and Epiphone les paul custom, dont have any pedals at all apart from a ProCo rat 2 whitch i dont use.
I just like to play along to songs at home, so i dont want anything to expensive, but i want a good quility one.
I play stuff like, Blink 182, sum41, Muse(so one with good fuzz =]), avenged sevenfold, slipknot, my chemical romance, queen and a few more.
Any advice at all would be nice.

Thank you.
I'd much rather have a bunch of individual pedals. What effects do you really want? If you just get the ones you need in individual stompboxes, it'll be a lot better. If you want fuzz, I recommend the Earthquaker Hoof.
Depends on what your budget is...

I'm really satisfied with my BOSS GT-8 (though I want a GT-10).
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IMHO..korg ax1500g should work for you..its idiot proof as well..working on Boss multieffects pedal could be a bit hard if you're not the manual-reading-type..In MY own opinion its Korg > Boss > POD > DIgitech..not sure bout u guys though.. =/
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But the Digitech RP500 dont have any fuzz effects

uumm...i'm looking at my X-Edit software for my Digitech right now and fuzz is buried in the Distortion preset. It's simply called 'Fuzzy'. It is there with about 12 other effects including Tubescreamer, 808, Guy OD, MX Disty, Grunge, Death, Gonk, Big MP, etc.

Not a Pod user/expert there are folks on here that have them and love them.
uh use the money and the amp money from the mg for a new amp!
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Try Toneworks AX3000G. Its so cheap and has a nice tone for its price. Well if you're looking for a better one. Try Boss ME-50, DigiTech GNX 4, Vox Tonelab LE, Line 6 Floor POD Plus. They're great which you expect for their prices.