Hey out there guitar community,

I'm a DJ and I'm trying to do a fully re-made remix of Chromeo's "Bonafied Lovin'" and I'm having some trouble getting the guitar work from that song down. It's not hard by any means but I feel like some of my pitches may be slightly off. If anyone can tab the guitar line that runs through the intro of the the song, I'd love you forever and even give you credit when my EP is sent out.

Help me out here guitar-gods! It's not THAT hard and you'll definitely get credit for it in my remix!
hey man i'm no guitar god (infact i am a newbie) but this is how it sounded on my guitar, hope it helps a little bit and doesn't sound too crappy, great song btw (this is my first tab and indeed first attempt at tabbing something so sorry if it's a bit all over the place)


| / slide up
| \ slide down
| p pull-off
| b full bend
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awesome first tab mate. it sounds almost spot on, there's a few pitches off here and there but i got it figured out now. thank you! do you have a myspace i can credit you with for tabbing it?