I'm looking to sell these two guitars. I want to put them on ebay but will need a little more time to research postage costs. At the moment, I just want to gauge people's interest. So, let me know. Would accept cash on collection if there is interest. Cheers.
So, here they are:

A White LP, Brand: Stagg
Comes with case, and will restring with ernie ball hybrid slinky's.
Sounds great. Slight mark on the body, but otherwise still a beautiful guitar for a cheap price.

A Black Flying V, Brand: Harley Benton
No case, will restring with ernie ball hybrid slinky's
Slight chip on the paintwork, but otherwise fine working condition.

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Yh id b interested, im looking 4 some guitars 2 modify :P
how much r u looking 4?
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Quote by uvq
if they were made by gibson I'd buy them.

sadly not...

Well the flying V i'd sell for £60 at the lowest, not including postage costs.
The stagg....£100, again not including postage costs.

May be negotiable but they both cost me twice as much as that (the stagg 2.5x that much when I bought them...both a year ago).
Them prices sound good, I'd only want one, most likely the flying V but I'm not too sure at the moment. Where in the UK do you live?
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Like I said, I might just be able to post them to mainland UK in the future...but I don't know when that will come to fruition.
Okay, well that's a bit too far for me to drive and pick them up but I'd be willing to pay postage. I'm certainly interested in buying the flying V.
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