Ok now i know most of you will say do it on your own or something
and i would except i cant...

For the first part of my english culminating i have to pick 5 songs all from different genres that relate to some of the texts we've read. those being:
Great Expectations
Themes: growing up, abandoning your past,
The Bean Trees (crappy book)
Themes: mothering, conquering one's fears,
The Merchant of Venice
Themes: Friendship, Anti-semeticism,

These songs have to relate to the main themes of these books and considering my music library is primarily comprised of mostly metal songs i am doomed in the "different genres" aspect of the project

thanks for your help...
Use your brain. It might just work.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
Great Expectations - Great Expectations by KISS! Your teacher will be BLOWN away by that one, ha!

Conquering one's fears? Sounds like a good time to blast out THRILLER - Michael Jackson! haha

Merchant of Venice eh? MONEY - Pink Floyd! Wahey!
tahnks Money works
as for Great Expectations well...itd be cool jsut to see the look on my teachers face but its got so little to do with the book...tempting