I've been singing and playing for about a year and my voice isn't the best but it isn't bad. I've got loads of spare time at the moment and i need help to improve my singing and i have no idea how to do it. I've been trying to sing songs which vocally are challenging and i've tried to find the key which suites me best but i still need to improve more. I record my self and then replay it to hear where i went off and so on

Can anyone give me some tips?
Join a band if you can and sing for them. I've been trying to learn to sing better as well so I've done this and it's been helping quite a lot.
Yeah might help. I've been just practicing everyday i've noticed a slight improvement. But songs like stigmatized by calling and its not over by secondhand serenade i just can't seem to get a hang of
but thx for the advice
Well don't try to emulate other people's voices if they're naturally different to yours. I'm a huge fan of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and singers like that, but my voice is much lower, kinda like David Lee Roth's natural range. You just have to work with what you've got and get it being the best version of YOUR voice you can make.
^ +1

when i first started singing, i tried to emulate a few of my favorite singers, which resulted in dying cat sounds. find your own voice really. tho i do practice singing other people's songs a lot anyway, but just for practice purposes.
apply guitar scales to your singing, thats what i do.

hit a major chord, then descend from the 5th (key of C maj: G-F-E-D-C)
then you go up a semitone, keep going until you can comfortably hit the highest note, then do the same but going back in semitones until you can no longer comfortably hit the lowest notes.

another is doing the same, but doing a major triad. so same chord progression with the semitone movement using this example (key of C maj: C-E-G-E-C)

do them all at a nice steady pace and never strain.