Ok, I've come upon an interesting situation. The guitarist from my band who is lending me his G-K amp has told me he's going to want it back even though he doesn't play bass anymore. I told my dad of my situation, and for that reason and a few others he's pretty much given me a blank check to get a good amp used on ebay. (It's not totally blank; $600 or so is the limit.)

I have an 8-ohm 2x12 neodymium cabinet from Avatar Speakers. I'm considering adding a 1x15 or something similar eventually.

I'm watching a few things on ebay and I need some advice. The current contenders (all wattages at 4 ohms):
-Kustom 1300 HD (1200 watts)
-Ampeg B2RE (450 watts)
-Markbass TA501 (500 watts)
-Gallien Krueger 700RB-II (480 watts)

I've read reviews on Harmony Central and at other places, but I want to know what you all think first.

I play funk, rock, and blues. Both the bands I'm in have 2 guitarists, so I want a cutting tone.
$600 is a hard spot for you to be at, since you need a head and some more speakerage. I think you'll soon find that your 2x10 isn't quite giving you what you want. So, you could either go ahead and get a nice good head and be without a second cab for awhile, or get a cheap head and cheap 1x15. I'm going to have to say that the former is the lesser of the two evils.

I do agree with Sid though, 1200 watts seems a little excessive. I think the 450-600 watt range would be your sweet spot. Maybe you can get one that's less than $600, and your dad can agree to save the remainder to buy you another cab down the line? That would be cool.

Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice on the specific amps.
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At that price if you just want a head you can get a Markbass Little Mark II which is 500 watts, a used Eden WT405 or 550, quite a few things. Just go see what you like. Also look at Genz Benz, SWR, Ashdown, the list goes on and on. In perspective, 500-600 watts should be enough in most cases, even if your guitar player has a 100 watt tube amp you should be fine. I would count out the Kustom because you are paying a lot for the wattage, which I will bet you'll never use.
WhyLater--the cab is a 2x12. It handles 500 watts and so far it's been pretty good to me, even with the bad G-K amp. I think the addition of another cab will be coming much later, so at the moment, we're just thinking amps.

The 1200 watts did seem pretty far out, although the weird thing is that it's not really any more expensive than the other amps I listed. Actually, there's one for $500 new. I just looked it up, and apparently the 1200 watts is at 2 ohms, and it's 750 watts at 4 ohms, so that's what the list should say for comparison to the other amps.

I was leaning towards the Markbass TA501 when I wrote that first post, because it's portable and has some cool features, like a tube compressor and a couple of filters that can give some different sounds. The Kustom looks good too, though, and seems to have better options than other amps (9-band graphic eq and such).
You need to try them out yourself and see how they sound. You have money to work towards getting your sound.
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Out of your little list, I would go for the MarkBass no question. That Ampeg I was very disappointed with, it's a bit cheap and tacky in my opinion, Kustom I have not had much experience with, only their practice amps which are horrible and GKs are good, but the MarkBass is just better I think. Up to your personal taste though ultimately.
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