So, well, I may soon be getting a Fender amp from my dad's guitarist. It's only a possibility, but if it does happen, I won't be needing my Valve Jr any longer.

So, here's the point I'm trying to make.

My other guitarist (or he will be in the future) is typically pressed pretty hard for money. He doesn't have a gig-worthy amp as of yet. Now, he's also the type to play distorted, sort of punkish/hard rock stuff.

Assuming we'd most likely be playing in venues with sound systems, would a Valve Jr. give him a decent volume?

It's an odd situation, but I'd still like to see some responses on this if possible.
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In a full band situation -playing punk/hard rock- I think he'd have trouble hearing himself. You'd need to get the cab off the ground close to ear level for monitoring, and you'd definitely have to mic it for the audience to hear it. Even then, it would be a struggle, IMHO.
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Well now you could mic and isolate the VJ, then with a big enough PA and proper mixing it could hold its own, but only in a rythym situation I would suspect. In a full band situation, even with great setup it just wouldnt have the punch needed to cut through for leads.
My advice to you would be sell the Valve Junior and buy one of these...http://www.thomann.de/ie/harley_benton_ga15.htm

I'm pretty sure the tone would be similar to the Epi and it would certainly be much louder
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