ive never played gta before but im thinking of getting GTA4. what do you think, pit?
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Great game, but San Andreas is better.
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No, Get San Andreas. Don't let the rediculous graphics fool you.

San Andreas wipes the floor with Gta 4
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GTA 4 is fun, but after the 35 hours of passing all the missions, theres not a whole lot to do...
gta4 is cool but it lacks alot of content that san andreas had like bikes, plains, sky diving, u can also learn fighting skills, idk man i could go on but u get the point
na way ma GTA kills san andres but on another note screw em all n get MGS4
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Here's my review of it I put on another site:

Well, I’ve just completed GTA4, a game that’s had better reviews and universal scores higher than any other game ever made. And I’m not sure why…

When I first started up the game, it seems like any other GTA, except its been updated for the new power of the PS3 and Xbox 360, and yes it does look very nice, and the city does look very good, granted.. but I thought progress like this was expected? What I don’t like about GTA4 is the fact that they have taken things out of it that made Vice City and San-Andreas so much fun, and not replaced them with anything;

1. There are no houses/businesses you can acquire with all the money you make from missions, so given that I have finished the game I’ve got $440,000 in the game that I can only spend on taxi’s, food and weapons.
2. The city has one club, one. How many cities do you know with one club? Didn’t think so, and its not just clubs, there are very few gun shops, and places to buy food/do anything. In San-Andreas there are loads and loads of places to go into, and things to do, you can even rob people’s houses…can you in this? Nope…
3. When you complete any GTA the best thing to do is to find the army base nick a tank and start blowing **** up isn't it?. There is no tank in GTA4. The city GTA4 is based in is the same City as GTA3, is there a tank in GTA3? Yes.
4. The auto aim system is toss, and is relied on too much.
5. You can’t customise you player as much as you could in San-Andreas. And there is no car customisation at all.
6. When you finish the game, do you get a massive house like the end of Vice City? No. Oh so you must just get millions of $$? Nope. What you get instead is a bunch of not very interesting flats randomly scattered about the islands. Oh and less than half a million $$, which I suppose doesn’t matter as you can’t buy anything worth more than $4000 anyway.
7. The new GPS, is a good idea badly executed.

Having said all those things its still a very good game, its just not as good as San-Andreas or Vice City… and just seems like step backwards without any sign of going forward anytime soon… Out of 10 I’d give this a 7.

It's good, but...hmm...not worth the hype it got.
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