please help me?

I think the picture should have worked
but this is whats up, guitar got dropped off of awall hanger and cracked the bottem,
its got a decent chip in it and it has a slight crack going up the back, i could still play it but i think befor to long the back is going to come off,could a guitar repair shop fix this?


guitar hurt small.JPG
i need tips
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i got the picture working, but to peice just spinterd off, so i still have it yes, so i guitar repair shop should do this for me,,,k thanks
i need tips
yup.. my first guitar was standing next to our wall when it fell down.. what happened was the neck brok and also the front and back were removed! it was kinda cheap that's why it broke off easily.. but hey, it was my first guitar so i went to a luthier to fix it.. after about a week or two, i came back to see my guitar.. it was just like before.. much nicher in my opinion because they did a full body repair and painted it better..

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