Hey guys, this may seem like a double post 'cause I already tried promoting my band's new EP but this isn't it really.

Bands need to look out for each other and if any of you could promote or even just tell a friend to listen to our new songs that would be killer.
I will return the favor to any band that helps us out!

Thanks guys.
You guys have a good sound goin on. Sounds more together than anything I've seen being promoted on here (granted, I haven't really looked at many of these things, but still...)

I'll mention you guys to a couple of my other musician buddies. Good luck
it is the same as double posting, by promoting your ep you were promoting your band, dont try reposting a new thread just because you didnt get the interest in it youd hoped for, accept it and come back in a few weeks maybe months and try again with new material.