I am deciding between 2 guitars-Jackson DK2T and Ibanez S5470.It might sound strange,given the different prices of these guitars,but I will for sure buy one of these 2 guitars,so please don't suggest any other guitars.The biggest thing I am worrying about is tremolo.Should I just stick with the fixed bridge or should I buy the ZR2 one,for which I heard is really good.I would for sure use it if I would have it,I don't change tunings at all so no worries there,but could some other problems arise?I have been playing the guitar for nearly exactly one year,and I am thinking should I buy Jackson now and change to some better guitar in the future or buy Ibanez right away?

Thanx for advice in advance
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Well, if you're not changing tunings, get the Ibanez for sure. If you want the trem, go for it. My trem has had some problems, but that was mainly me messing around which was pretty stupid in hindsight.

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begginer should not get the trem, intermediate, Go for it! just be prepared for a challenge
with floating trems tuning is alot of work, and if you arent going to use it much, id go with a fixed bridge and save yourself alot of trouble
go with the fixed. my second guitar was floyded and i couldnt get it to work until 3 or 4 months after i bought it. i dont regret buying it, but i regret not know what i was getting myself into. you always hear "theyre hard to set up properly" and you ignore it. well, sadly, thats the truth.

Go for the Jackson
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But I heard the floating bridge on S5470 is really good,one of the best.
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