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Voters: 361.
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Yes, you can make loldogs. It's called "ihasahotdog.com."
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PlayMadness, you give me hope for mankind.

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I don't like cats.
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Yes, you can make loldogs. It's called "ihasahotdog.com."

Well, butter my rump and call me toast. Cheers for that
I like kittens, but I hate cats.
Puppies and dogs are good.

The best is a kitten who plays like a puppy.
tough one, i'd have to go with kittens though as dogs tend to get stuck in my teeth

EDIT: crap! beaten
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Both taste nice.

Puppies for me. Cats are annoying.
Looking for my India/Django.
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Yes, you can make loldogs. It's called "ihasahotdog.com."

Well I'll be damned. I only knew about icanhazcheezburger.com O.o
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Kittens ftw.

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Kittens. I don't mind dogs, but I love cats.
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Kittens. Can't get much better...<3
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Righto. You're officially the best person ever.
Thanks babe.

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Both taste nice.

No no no it's:

Both are nice but I couldn't eat a whole one.

Puppies every time though. ****ing cats.
i love cats, and i love kittens, they are really the only animals that will make me act all "awwwww, cute!!!"
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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Kittens are cuter. Even if they are secretly evil.


and kittens pee less/make less of a mess.
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puppies for sure
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puppies ftw
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YESI love you.

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I am a dog person...
although I do love kittens
life's not so ****teh when you pet teh kitteh
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Win. +1 cookie for hide the beer.

Kittens represent!

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Puppies are so ****ing cute and awesome. When they nibble your hand I pretty much die inside because they're so cute.

I think Loldogs could be a new meme. Anyone want to shoop some pics and try to kick it off? haha

Just pure awesomeness really.
Both are cute as hell
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i love you more than words can express jean.

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**** you. i'm so sad now.
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