yea ok...uhm gonna buy a new amp, though t about mg100dfx, then heard its terrabad, so then was thinking about Spider, then i heard its not great either, now i am thinking Peavey valveking 112, did some reasearch and read that its not great for lead in higher volumes and stuff. i am really confused now. what amp is good for $500 range. i play mostly metal and classcal (yngwie/mozart/paul gilbtert), and teh amp is going to be used with the Ibanez S5470. thx for all your help...

the amp has to be new
using it for mostly home mostly (but i am seroius about music)
dont know too much aobut watts tho preferbley a lil high.
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Save up or try something that's used. That's the best advice I have. $500 won't give you much to work with for a good amp. Most of these people will try and tell you to get the VK, Classic 30 or some other mid ranged/average amp. I say if music's what you like and see yourself doing for a long time, then save up for a better amp. Otherwise, a year or so from now, you'll be buying another amp. What's better? A couple average items or one great item. You decide. However, if you can pony up the cash, try randall rm50 or rm100.
try the b-52 at112, i get a really nice shred tone out of it, and heavy stuff.