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Alright, what odd nicknames have you had in your life?

My name is Craig Swash.

First nickname I've had was Craigo. People still call me this on a common, daily basis in real life, even at work. No idea, but, meh.

When I was a really young kid (four or five) I was called dinosaur kid by older kids at school due to my obsession with dinosaurs I had at that age.

I've also had Tallbox, which I got for being the tallest yet youngest member of the school's basketball team (I was 14, the others were all 15/16, even though it was exclusively for year 10's and 11's, my dedication and skill kept me on.)

Swashy is one I had for a short period, but my brothers are better known for it now, also I've been referred to 'The Swash' or 'Mr. Swash' too much recently.

Ben Nevis (tallest mountain in Britain) was one I got off a English teacher. I spent a year being called Ben or Ben Nevis, even by mates. She liked me though, and we all found it funny on parent's evening when she had to try her hardest to call me Craig, not Ben.

Can't think of any more at the moment, but I've had more

Well, I really liked fish for a while, not to eat, in fact, I still won't eat seafood, but kids called me Fish because of it. It wasn't an insult.
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cos my cheeks wobble like Harold Bishop's of Neighbours
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pothead.....ironically i haven't been called that since way before I started smoking. It's cos I have a big head.
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i've been called, ian (uncle), mike (dad) jared (cousin) penny.... (aunt) stuart (some random guy i've never met, and a newone, binky....... by a girl at school, chris, loads of my friends friends are called chris and i look a bit like them

real name: peter
dear (this one utterly blows)
Gazelle (real name is Giselle)
"Hey, you"

Uhm. yeah. people don't like my name apparently.
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My name's *l******i* k****** **s*.

My folks call me Neng [Visayan dialect for "little girl"]. My classmates used to call me by my last name. But I'm known generally as ****.
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vogies, my surname kind of...

sam-o, my friend nan calls me that for some reason, but it's a tiny bit cute so I'm cool with it.

Lois, a play on my middle name

there's other ones but I can't remember
My dad calls me mouse, but other than that I don't have any nicknames. One day, though, one of my friends decided that another friend should be thenceforth called "stubs, or any variation such as stubby stubberson, stubby mcgee, or stubby stubby two-by-four, can't fit through the kitchen door." It came out of a conversation that had something to do with gerbils.
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stupid ppl (they're like slinkies, not good for much, but they make you smile when pushed down the stairs)

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Holy non-gender specific pronoun Batman!

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Name is Richard Kimmel

I have had many nicknames including Little Richard, Richie Rich, Special K, K Star, The Fugitive, oh and since Dick is a nickname for Richard people love to call me that too. But its all good fun.
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Im not epileptic you ****.
im called shermanator or by my last name sherman...yes it sucks being called shermanator
Fatty, when I was fat.
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i suppose there's a chance
i'm just a litte too shallow to consider
that maybe i've been a little more eager
each day to wake up and take a shower
brush my teeth and smile for the mirror
i wish i had a nickname
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I get called 'My Bitch' by my dad.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

Lucy / Luci

... Yeah ... A few more but I can't think of anymore... I have tons more
stino capuchinno, stino latino, stino <isert word that ends on -ino here>
but it recently turned into bob backflip


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stino capuchinno, stino latino, stino <isert word that ends on -ino here>
but it recently turned into bob backflip

Backflip Bob sounds better
clay henry.

my name contains neither clay, nor henry.

why? i don't know.
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Pedophilia all the way man. Go for it.

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hahaha i thought you wrote Philidelphia all the way, i was like yeah philidelphias cool i spose

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every man with long hair has been called hippie at least once...and thats one of my more regular nicknames
we also got turkey for no reason
gigglers surprised i remem that one
house hermit
and pale long haired bony bastard
Haggis. Has been that since I was 10 and I'm now 16, don't think it'll ever change.

I don't mind it, but I introduce myself as Tom so...

Also, my friends dad calls my other friend 'dildo'. Don't know why.
fred/freddy-cos i said to this kid in my year that my real name is willfred..

jonty- I call everyone jonty

but i dont have one that sticks, just will from william...
"You're a twat!"- That dude in morrisons

"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

"You Were a Mistake!" - Mum

just a few of my fans..

I've had the nickname 'Eggy' since year 6..I'm now in year 12(AS 6th form)
But it's losing its 'charm' now, so people are starting to call me by my real name again..
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I'd like to see any of those meathead homophobes look a Spartan in the eye and call him a fag.

My name's Jack. I've never really been called a nickname, except by my mates at work, who call me Jackery.
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^And known for that bloody awesome croissant with a crown.
Man that's badass.

i have quite a few
5.crazy cracker
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