I am in a band and we're all 15, so we aren't really old enough to have jobs, so we're all sort of poor, and our problem is that we don't have good amps (we have ****ty practice amps, and we usually have to borrow other people's amps at shows).

There's 1 guitarist, 1 keys/guitar, 1 bass, 1 drum, 1 vocals, and our keyboardist/guitarist and our bassist are really against putting our money together to get equipment, like me and the singer had an idea of like everyone puts in 75-100 amount of dollars a month so we can all pitch in to get a new amp. Our bassist and keys/guitar player thinks that everyone should have to buy their own equipment, but me the singer and the drummer are saying that part of being in a band is to help each other out and be part of a group.

Our other problem is that me, the singer, and the drummer are the only ones that really know how to make music. Our keyboardist tries to make stuff but it just generally sounds like crap, like its not even all in the same key, and our bassist just has no idea how to make stuff, but its generally same as the second guitar part, with a few different parts, but the thing is I want to keep them in the band because we've all been friends through elementary school and middle school and I don't want to not be friends if we kick them out.


Should everyone buy their own equipment or should everyone pitch in money to get equipment


what should i do with keyboardist/guitarist and bassist?
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my band works by everyone spending their own money on their own stuff. that way, no one person can take more money for something than the next person. just save your money and buy your own stuff.
id say get ur own equipment, all pitchin in is good but your young and the band may not last.

thats a lot of money gone and youll have nothing to show for it really, there will just be arguments and stuff.

own equipments the best option imo
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BUY YOUR OWN GEAR.... it makes things so much easier because u wont fight over the gear if and when the band splits
A band is like a family. Families help each other out. So, everyone should pitch in. As for the keyboardist/guitarist and bassist. Either find someone else, but keep them your friend; or tell them to try harder.
Pool your money with the singer and drummer for gear for you guys. Let the other two buy their stuff if they want to. As for their lack of playability, tell them exactly what you said here. Tell 'em they need to get their butts in gear. Give them lessons yourself or tell them to find a teacher for theory and the such (especially for the keyist). Don't force them but make them realize it's more important than working on crappy riffs they don't even understand.
if ur keyboardist and bassist dont really contribute and slow u down either confront them about it or kick them out dont be mean about it when u kick em out but u know let em off easy it is possible to kick ppl out of ur band and still be friends with em if they are really ur friend they will understand also pooling money together is a good idea as long as Everyone gets a share of that pool
if you raise money from shows (borrow equipment for those shows) then the money you get spend on equipment.. just dont be all like 'get the guitar amp first, cuz i can use it' then youll eventually have decent equipment.

and also tell the others to put some money in... if theyre not gonna help out (and arent good enough in the band) theyre only gonna drag you down...
Get your own gear. It's generally easier.
As for the bass/keyboard problem, try to teach them a little music theory and some scales.
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BUY YOUR OWN GEAR.... it makes things so much easier because u wont fight over the gear if and when the band splits

This. You're almost certainly going to break up at some point. Every high school band does.
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We're going through the same problem. We're all 15 and we have **** equippment. Our drummer plays his dad's electronic drum set. But lately, we started getting stuff. Our other guitarist has a gig amp, our drummer bought a drum set (5o years old) And I'l have my amp by the end of summer.
But don't give up. By the time you get your equipment you guys will be sick. And you could still try looking for jobs, or just doing chores for mom & dad.
A cheaper option, rather than buying new amps, buy a PA system with a big enough mixer to put everyone through it. Even a crappy little practice amp can sound a whole lot bigger through a PA system.

As for the problems with your members, tricky.
It all depends on what your immediate goals are. If you want to quickly get into gigging and getting paid for it, replace them.
If however you are just starting out in your first band, jamming with some buddies and are yet to find your feet as a band and all have a lot to learn, stick with them, show them what you can, encourage them, compliment them when they get it right and eventualy, after a few years down the line, you should have a keyboardist/guitarist and bassist that compliment you perfectly and then you can get into gigging.
The fact that they are really good mates of yours and that you get along well means quite a lot, because in a band, that's actualy more important than ability.
Musical ability can be learned by almost anyone, eventualy, but good friends, someone who will be willing to forgive us of our faults, are hard to come by, and that's what a working band really needs, especialy when you're touring.
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Second the PA system.
Have everyone buy their own gear, have the band buy a PA system.
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if the band makes some money (at gigs) then the band can start saving for a pa system
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your 15 dont have jobs and yet have enough cash to saved $100 each every month???

seriously kid, thats alot of ****ing money for 15 year olds,

It's only equivalent to £50 a month here, which is just over a tenner a week. Which, as it happens, is how much spending money I give my 15 year old son, which he then promptly spends on second hand Xbox games and MacDonalds.
pool money together for the likes of leads and extension cables, posters and flyers etc when u start gigging. I found myself buying a multitude of jack to jacks for other ppl when they get broke so to ur own for instruments, pool together for the miscellaneous stuff
When i was 15 i got about £10 a wwek, anything i wanted i had to save hard for. Maybe you guys should put roughly £5-£10 a week towards the PA and it would end up being afforable alot quicker than it would be for 1 person