I'm looking for some guys from Winnipeg around high school age to start a band with. I'm pretty diverse when it comes to music, so almost all genres are open, but I was picturing a hard rock band that did covers of bands like Iron Maiden and had some origionals.

If you're interested, let me know:

What instrument you play
What kind of music you play
How long you have been playing
If you have had any formal training
If you have been in a band before
If you can sing

By the way, I play lead guitar, but I would deffinatly like another lead player to harmonize with.
I listen to and play a little bit of country blues (Son House, Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson), but most of my blues playing is somewhere in between Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton (though my playing is not half as good as either of theirs). Some other blues guys I enjoy listening to are Hubert Sumlin, B.B. King, SRV and Freddy King. What kind of blues do you listen to?

By the way, do you play guitar or bass? A little while ago I was trying to start a blues trio, but I couldn't find a bassest and I can't sing. I could probably get a drummer (high school age as well) if you wanted to do a few jams some time.
By the way, I hope you didn't listen to either of the songs on my myspace... specifically the one with the techno voice over (that was a school project by me and my friend, him doing the techno...).

If you would like to hear some of the blues I like to play, let me know and I'll post a little solo over a 12 bar blues.
well i play the same kind of blues as you do (early stuff). I have played for about 5 years, started with acoustic stuff for about a year, then played metal for a couple years and lately its been blues. these days i play all slide guitar stuff. I've played bass in a band before but i dont have a bass guitar or bass amp although i do have a digitech whammy pedal which is good for some bass experimentation. i would be mainly interested in playing slide guitar but i'll do anything really. also, i do sing but im not necessarily good, but i can sing and play at the same time anyways. if you'd be interested in jamming i can jam anytime during the week in the morning until about 2 in the afternoon. saturdays im usually pretty busy but sundays would also probably work for me. im a university student so im currently on my summer holidays working full time evening shift im going to assume your still in high school but if you want to work something out shoot me a private message with your number and we'll get in touch.

also, just went to the iron maiden concert last night, and it blew my mind!
i could play harmonized lead im 15 and veen playing for a year and a half i play all genres but country and rap and i took lesson for a while but i dont have the patients to read notes im also currently in a death metal band and i could scream/growl if thats the music u like but if not then ill just use guitar