why do you hate it?
you could always try and paint it(with a marker or so)
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I suppose you could use a wood carving chisel to pry it out, or just remove the top layer and cover it with a matching wood etc.

But it wouldn't be as even as before, would probably be noticeable visually, and is just pointless. It would grow on you, I used to think an inlay on the first fret looked strange too, but I don't mind it on the guitar I have that has one.
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it's a kickass guitar, and as far as i'm concerned,as long as you have the side inlays, it doesn't matter which frets are marked or not on the front, because you shouldn't have to rely on the front fret markers.

don't pooch this beauty, it'll grow on you, and why does it matter how it looks if it'll slay a beast with it's tone?

ts, i think it looks bad to have one on the first fret too, but the guitars I like and have bought haven't had them, so it doesn't matter
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Wow. Now that is picky. I don't mind having a first fret marker. My '78 Gibson The Paul has one.
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Getting it out will probably tear up the fret board. With its odd shape and being glued in it wont come out easy. And then of course would have the unsightly hard to fill hole remaining.
The bottom line is it wouldn't be worth it. It would require a fair bit of work to fill in the hole properly, it would never look, feel or sound 'right' afterwards, and you'd be severely damaging the resale value of the guitar (which is something you should always consider even if you're currently thinking to yourself you'll love the guitar forever-and-ever-and-I'll-never-sell-this-and-I-want-to-marry-this-guitar-someday or whatever).
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i say not worth it, play it like it is.

BUT, TS since you asked whether it's possible, the answer is yes. worth it? IMO, no.
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