i was at friends house while back and he had an old bass lying around

if you touch the strings and are either sitting on a metal chair or touching anything else with metal in it it literally shocks you

curious as to why
static electricity

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static electricity

whats wrong with he bass though
obviously its not like them with all basses
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The bass isn't grounded. It's actually pretty dangerous and can produce a decent shock.

i know that now

isnt grounded???
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There should be a wire going from one of the potentiometers inside the bass, to the bridge. My guess is there isn't.

i see
Yeah, that or the amp/power supply isn't grounded...

My buddies' entire garage (The jam room)... everything ****ing shocked us... if you touched one guitar to another, it hurt.
Properly grounding will fix it like roshjosh said. Id watch out though they can give you a pretty insane shock if your not careful.
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Dont play it in the rain as it will kill you, no joke about it

I suggest taking it to someone who knows what they are doing to have it sorted as when I made my bass I couldnt figure out how to ground it properly so got someone to do all the electronics for £25
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