I have just joined a newly formed band.
We had our first practice today and it was really good.
But I found that i couldnt hear my amp that much over the guitars and drums.
I have a Fender Rumble 15 and a play a Yamaha RBX374. The two guitarists use a Marshall MB15 and a 30 Watt Fender respectively.
I have no idea what amp to get and I'm open to any suggestions.
Must be £300 or less.
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most people is going to say that you need 100 or 300 or 2000 watts to be heard
but with 75 or 100 is enough for band practice
even with 15 watts you could be heard but you would be pusshing the amp too much
i would look for a laney or a fender rumble, but try them first
also hartke makes some great amps
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id go with a fender combo amp, the bassman series is awsome, in Canada you can find a used 100 watt for around 300 but im not sure how that converts into Euro's... and your guitar players will eventually move to bigger amps so if ur gunna buy an amp you mighjt as well buy a a decent sezed one so you don't find your self buying another one in a few months
Here are some more to consider:
Warwick Sweet 15.2, I own one, and i haven't regretted it for one moment.

Hartke Kickback 12. We had one in our repetition room and it's quite nice.

or if you are willing to pay 36£ more than your budget:
Warwick Sweet 25.1, the big brother of the 15.2, also great.
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Warwick Sweet 15 (I find the 25 is just too big for a combo, though it sounds fantastic) or an Ashdown MAG 300.
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