Hey any one know any easy or medium songs with slow riffs or whatever? And some slow chord stuff? Maybe something like Californication. Thanks
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How about Californication!!

Haha, hilarious. I already know how to play that one, smart one. Jeez.
I'd say Godzilla by Blue Oyster cult... don't bother with the solos yet but if you stick with the main power chord riff its pretty easy and slow... also a pretty fun riff
RATM's songs are pretty easy and arent too fast except for some of the solos
Original Prankster by The Offspring is pretty easy also

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blitzkrieg pop by the ramones
Wild Thing - Troggs (or Jimi Hendrix version)
Can't get no satisfaction - Rolling Stones

Those are all relatively easy and fun to play.
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Fortune Faded
Scar Tissue
Can't Stop
Especially in Michigan
Hump De Bump
Funky Monks (Harder)
Soul To Squeeze

Try those (All by RHCP)

Hey your the one who's little link things in ur sig wasted a good 20 mins of my life, i thank you for that.
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peace sells - megadeth.

get pretty quick when Mustainen and Friedman start playing the bassline and harmonize it
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Cause there music is heavy.

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