Lately I've been getting really big into finger picking. I just love moving my right hand across the strings. Well anyways, I wrote these two kinda folky grooves. They're on my profile, or whatever. It's on a Yamaha acoustic tuned down a whole step to D. Tell me what you think. crit for crit yo. thanks.
The fret buzz might be from all the back ground noise going on while recording it. And on the second clip, that noisy bit is my unclipped strings scraping things on the desk. It was kinda recorded in a hurry unfortunately.
The playing is pretty unfluid..you need to work on leaving whatever notes you should on and being more stacatto with those which you want to as well..you need to work this out before just running through it. In addition the timing is very untight you need to just tighten it up. You need to add some dynamics as well. Listen to guitarists like james taylor for an example.

I like folk a lot but its nothing really original but not bad as a small riff.