Hi all,

I am a muso from Melbourne Australia and have created some jam tracks for other muso's to use.

They are all free - literally - it's just for the common good of people who like jam tracks.

They are currently set up for guitarists/lead instruments here:

and a few for bass players are on here:

They are mostly all basic blues progressions at the moment.

I will update the site with some new progressions soon.

I'll have to follow the threads in this forum and see what other ideas I can get to help people practice (including myself) with other progressions/music theory.

Have fun.

Considering your new account, I'm gonna go ahead and call this advertising. *reported*
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He's not making money off of this, cool it with the advertising. If anything, he's just providing us with a (pretty cool) resource.
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Thanks for the comments.

And that's fine if you want to 'report' me for posting the link. I don't gain anything from people going to my site - it's just out there for anyone into music.

Music for music's sake y'all.

Take it easy,
this pretty much is advertising, although he is not making money off of it. but hell, it's a cool resource.
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Oh sweet, I thought this was just a repost to remind people of the ones you posted about the other day.

I am definitely gonna have some nice jams along to these, thanks man.

And also, keep them coming, they are greatly appreciated.

Edit: That second one is god. Allman Brothers Band's version of Statesboro Blues is so amazing. Thank you SO MUCH.
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For everyone who's trying to become a forum mod or whatever, please leave this alone. That whole advertising thing just stands against personal gain at UG's expense. This is a really cool thing. If any Mod does anything with it, it should be stickying it at the top so that it doesn't just die out.
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Listen to everyone freak out over it being advertising... You guys are nuts.

Thanks for the resource, I'm gonna use these alot as I'm trying to teach myself to improvise better.

Cheers mate
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Yeah - Statesboro is a killer song. I love the Allman Brothers. Amazing band. Just amazing.

I'll keep putting them up and adding new ones - now I've got it all rolling.

Thanks for the positive comments.

All cool - keep on playing.

Music is the best.