I just Learned how to do pinch harmonics and they are amazing. Basically everything I do now, I play with pinch harmonics, and its basically the closest thing to that distortion pedal I keep saying im gonna buy. This thread really has no point, but to tell you guys that I can do Pinch Harmonics. Hell, if you want, put a story of how you learned them, or if you cant get em right, or ect.

"Pinch harmonics are like boners, when you get em right they kick ass, and some people cant get em at all". Some quote by some guy, and that line is his.
i accidentally came across them a while ago...though i have a weird way of doing them.
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Just don't turn into Zakk Wylde.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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Just don't turn into Zakk Wylde.

beat me to it

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Ok everyone, who do you think is the heaviest band? Personally I think As I Lay Dying is the heaviest
who influenced you?
my bet is killswitch or Zakk Wylde
and yes pinch harmonics are great, i have trouble doing them with a capo though.
my last thing to say is please please please, learn other skills too, guitarists that only do pinch harmonics are very annoying to everyone else
and with that, congratulations

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so this kid at my school microwaved brussel sprouts for lunch, and when he was about to eat them one of them exploded on his face and burned him. i like turtles

in a thread about malmsteen^
He does them every two notes. He's a pretty good musician, but I think he uses them to cover up for his lack of versatility. Same with his pentatonic scale solos.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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was just ****in around playin walk and did a pinch harmonic
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