Ok, so this is my first recording with the PreSonus FireStudio Project. My friend and I decided to make our own version of the song "Floyd the Barber" by Nirvana. We added a new intro to the song to give it a darker feel, and added some keyboards in that intro as well. As far as the the guitar goes (since this IS Ultimate-Guitar), well, I didn't bother learning the solo (bad decision) so I had to make a Kurt Cobain-esque guitar solo on the spot. Forgive me for the horrible random notes that occur during this period in the song.

I played drums and guitar, as well as some of the keyboard parts in the intro. My friend played bass and a few seconds of keyboard in the intro, as well as helped find the awesome patches you will hear!

So PLEASE give us comments...I want to know about how the mix was, as this was really only my first time using the FireStudio Project, and I'd like to improve my mixing skills. Also please give comments on the playing, and what you thought of the intro arrangement. Thanks a lot for checking this out!

Song is in the profile.