Epiphone Limited edition Sobe guitar
It's in great condition, has usually scratches and a couple dings on the back. I have upgraded the bridge pickup to a Dimarzio x2n power plus that was supposedly played buy some guy in a band called "Cinderella". I also have installed a buckethead style kill switch for added playability. I dont have a set price for this, as they are kinda rare, so shoot me and offer!

Heres the only picture I have at the moment, I will get more upon request.

Digitech RP350
Brand new barely used. Pics soon.

M-Audio Keyrig 49 Midi controller
Brand new as well just not what I'm looking for
pics soon.

Epiphone bridge pickup
Taken right out of the sobe. black and cream color.
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TS, I'm not sure a lot of people would have desire to pay for an advertisement, at least an epiphone
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Thanks. Well im working on setting up a workstation here, so im just budgeting for now. If you still have it in a few days Ill talk to you more about it.
I believe I will, but if you want Ill put it on hold for you.
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well i got an MG
My Friend Has That Guitar!

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

trade a digidelay for that RP350?

or the Sobe guitar...? >.>
Make an offer? Shipping would be about 15 dollars btw.
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well i got an MG
...bump, everything still available, but not including the x2n in the epiphone anymore.
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well i got an MG