so earlier today i went to turn my amp on, and when i went to play, no sound came out of my amp. Thinking it was my amp, i turned the volume all the way up and only heard a little sound. Long story short, when my guitar's plugged into my amp, it works fine, but when its plugged into my wah then my amp, i don't get any sound. I tried switching cables, and im 99% sure its my wah. Any help fixing it or should I just take it back to guitar center?
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Is it the Original Crybaby that you have referenced in your sig? If so, that sucks those are awesome. But anyway, it could possibly be your battery, try to replace it. If that fails take it to Guitar Center and see if they'll fix it for you. If they want over 1/2 the price to repair it I'd recommend looking for someone else to do it for you. It's probably a loose wire or something.
Some of those Cry Baby's had bad solder jobs or jacks I think. My first one I bought I took back as it did the same thing. Worked a few times and broke. You could also try to fix it yourself if you're handy I guess.