i have a dell laptop so to my knowledge i don't believe i can get garage band or logicpro music editior (i think it's called) ANYWAY... are their programs i can get just as good as or better than garageband for a dell laptop. I want something i can record with that has the simultation for different effects,styles, guitar, and amps, or whatever the best is i can get. If i need to buy the application and instal it that is fine too. any recomendations

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i use logic pro at 6th for for music tech and it is brilliant, its got everything you need and if you do it right, you can edit everything and get a really proffesional soundout of it

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You won't be able to find a program for PC that is anywhere near as good as Logic Studio or Garageband, IMO. I use Logic Studio and it's perfect.

I would work on upgrading to a Mac so you can use those.
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Logic & Garageband are Mac Only Apps. I have used Macs for years - would never go back to Windows. I use Logic Studio 8 and LOVE IT. I used Cubase, Tracktion, etc but Logic Studio comes with so many "goodies" you never need anything else. Guitar Amp Pro is amazing (comes with Logic) - I don't hardly ever use Amplitube or Guitar Rig anymore as Guitar Amp Pro sounds so "real". I have lots of amps here including 3 tube amps and GAP sounds very "Tubelike" - fat and rich! Mainstage (also part of Logic) is amazing for LIVE work - I don't gig anymore but if I did I'd use it for Live performances and I'm talking guitar now not midi.

Logic alone is worth buying a Mac for. Garageband is super cool too. I can record and jam along all day with Garageband - it's easy to use - and IT COMES FREE ON A NEW MAC!
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