Any suggestions as to how to get a similar sound? All I have now is a boss ds1 and an old peavey transtube practice amp.Any help would be great, my effects knowledge is very limited.Thanks.(it' a video of the sound I'm trying to get.)

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Sounds like a marshall. Boost the mids, treble a bit higher than bass and gain 3/4 or so.
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2 Mesa Boogie Caliber 50 watt heads into 2 Mesa/Boogie 4x12 cabs, an Ibanez Tubescreamer, MXR 10 band EQ, and a EHX small stone will give you that exact tone. Also uses an ESP Viper.

Doesn't seem like you'd be able to get that with a transtube and a DS-1. Pepper's tone sounds very scooped, and Woody's tone sounds like it has boosted mids, to give them a balanced sounds when playing together.
what's the purpose of the tubescreamer?Is it used to boost the lead/overdrive channel on the amp or used with the clean channel?I'm lost.
"Buy the ticket, take the ride." HST
I believe he uses it as a solo boost on the overdrive/lead channel.